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Join the 4th industrial revolution journey to upskill yourself with the understanding and practical application of digital technology and the 4th industrial revolution.

How It Works

Using the Portal

This portal is a one stop shop for all your YDx training materials, tests, and resources You will be directed here by your facilitators for all your evaluations and reports. Make sure you register to be able to access downloadable content, dashboard and track your course progress.

Digital Access

Get access to all your course material, downloadable content and messages from your mobile device anytime.

Course Tracking

Track your team’s progress through out the course and help evaluate team’s inputs.

Assignments & Reports

Access all your Assignments and reports in real-time on your dashboard.

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Portal access is one of the most important assets in your journey towards your YDx achievements, make sure you spend time to learn how this portal works.

How It Works

Using the Portal

4IR Journey is an awareness campaign which aims to enlighten all individuals in communities about the 4th Industrial Revolution and how it is having an impact in the world. The 4IR Journey service is designed to equip people with the right tools & advice to help them adapt to the 4IR changes and safely participate in the 4IR developments.

Dashboard for course tracking
Messaging portal for better team communication
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Tutorial Video

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This portal is a vital part for the SADICO, YDx training program. It helps you access essential course resources to help you in your journey towards digital independence. To get access to this portal make sure you are a registered YDx participate, create a profile and link it with your assigned team members and start to explore all the resources that are at your disposal.

Our Footprint

Across South Africa

The YDx program is run by SADICO and it has a national footprint covering Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West and Western Cape. The YDx project is established and managed by SADICO since 2010. With a wide range of service providers, SADICO is able to bring some of the best skills transfer practitioners to fulfill it’s mandate: mainly to empower the youth in Digital Technology and 4th Industrial Revolution skills.

Inter Co-Op Trade

After your cooperative is formed, you will need to start trading because you are a business. With your portal access, you can also trade with your partner coops as well as within your TechPozi.

Business Support

Get business support, like makerting, design, financial training, and website development to make sure your business succeeds.


The YDX course requires you to have a consistent reporting behaviour. This portal gives you access to upload all your reports as required by facilitators.

Introduction to 4IR

Get a brief introduction to this particular course detail and what it entails.

Peer to Peer Reviews

Get a brief look how your colleagues are overcoming some of their challenges.

Dashboard Access

Your dashboard access gives you an overall view of your course progress.


Market some of your services to your internal database and colleauges.

Our Partners

Across South Africa

The South African Digital Content Organisation (SADICO) is a Non-Profit Organisation that was registered as a Section 21 Company in 2010, with the purpose of : Introducing technology as a way of life and empowering communities and closed user groups with basic skills in understanding and participating in the technology sector. Training communities and closed user groups in Technology, targeting the youth.

Organising the trained individuals into technology co-operatives. Providing an industry platform for community individuals who want to be part of the technology industry and giving them an opportunity to own TechPozi outlets. Empowering the communities with the understanding of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Course Outline

YDx Program Module Run Through

Take an overview of our course offering below.

Introduction to Digital Technology and 4IR

Get an in-depth understanding of the digital technology and 4th industrial revolution modules. These theory modules will help you understand the the future of technology and the change it will bring.

Practical Learning

The YDx program is dominated by practical learning where you will be expected to acquire practical skills in both Digital technology and 4IR.

Web and Application Development

With the internet as the foundation of the 4th industial revolution,you will be engaged to acquire the skills of developing websites, applications as well as Social Media Marketing skills. You will also be introduced to the fundamentals of Data Science and the importance of data in your communities.

Renewable Energy

Get practical training and designing and installing Solar panel plans.

Technical Support

In the Information Technology you will be engaged to acquire and implement the skills of knowing how to build and maintain computer hardware.


Skills to enable you to market and grow your businesses and to also service your clients in the process with those learned expertise.

Course Materials

Course Content Description

The YDx program is delivered through this portal where registered participants can read and watch the content of the following courses.

Important questions

Frequently Questions

YDx program is structured and managed by SADICO for the youth aged 18 to 35.

What you need to know

As a organization we want all your participants to “be in the know” always. We encourage all users to ask questions...all the time.

How do I enroll?

SADICO YDx is done with strategic partners where participants are selected via those partnerships.

What is the duration for the course?

The YDx program is delivered over 12 months.

Why is the portal important?

The portal is the main interaction platform for the YDx participants.

What do I benefit from the YDx program?

Completing your YDx journey leads to accredited certification and economic development vehicle made up of your TechPozi outlet as well as your Cooperative.

When is the next YDx program intake?

Announcements will be made on

Meet the team

YDx Facilitators

Mr Paseka Mafereka

Co-operative Development and Campaigns

Mr Lucky Mkhize

Broadcasting and Digital Migration

Mr Sizwe Lushozi

Autonomous Vehicles

Mr Roy Beza

Renewable Energy - Solar Systems

Mr Skhumbuzo Jele


Mr Sthembiso Khambule

IoT and Nanotechnology

Mr Ephraim Marobela


Mr Nhlanhla Ndaba

3D Printing, Autonomous Vehicles and IT System Support Practicals

Mr Thokozani Zuma

Web Development and Social Media Marketing

Mr Kenny Mathye

IT, CellPhone Repairs and IT System Support Practicals

Mr Trevor Ndlazi

Introduction to Internet and Artificial Intelligence

Mr Velile Mkhwanazi

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ)

Dr Nathaniel Lartey

Data Science

Mr Mandla Mavimbela

Quality Management System

Rev Stemela

Basic Mediation Skills

Mr Nigel Mpofu

TechPozi Business Clinic


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