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Upcoming Workshops

Preparing yourself for the 4th Industrial Revolution

19 September 2019

Join us this month as we discuss technology and its effects on human behaviour.We will be joined by various experts who will share their tips and studies which can help you be an individual who can adapt and thrive during this digital phase of human kind.

Preparing your SMME for the 4th Industrial Revolution

20 September 2019

A small business nowadays can be efficient if they use the correct technology in their line of production.In this workshop,we will be helping you as a business owner know what tools to use in order to make your business relevant throughout its years of existence.

Preparing your family for the 4th Industrial Revolution

21 September 2019

Join us on our last day of our workshop as we help families become safe online.Families will be given software and tips on how to not be vulnerable online.

About 4IR Journey

The Journey in the digital revolution is ineveitable

4IR Journey is an awareness campaign which aims to enlighten all individuals in society about the 4th Industrial Revolution and how it is having an impact on the world.In the duration of this campaign,we equip people with the right tools & advices which will help them live efficiently in a world where automation and digitisation is at its prime.

If you can see this then you are part of the revolution which is ever changing its modules with the help of systems which have been put out us human beings.At 4IR Journey we help individuals upskill themselves with skills that 4IR keeps bringing along the way.We also take the responsibility to inform people of all ages.



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This package comes with the following:

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3.Book Titled Introduction To Digital Technology and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

4.Customised Business Seminar on cyber security and regular Talks to empower your business on special topics.

5.Kaspersky Anti-Virus software for 5 Devices.

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